Baldassare Taormina

1911 - 1980
The roots of the Taormina family's food import/export business go back seven generations to the eighteenth century, where they were in the center of the olive oil trade in Sicily. The business eventually grew to become Progresso Qu ality Foods. Born in Partanna, Sicily Baldassare migrated to the U.S. before WWII, and worked as a salesman. He was later promoted to the position of buyer for Progresso in Italian imports.

Antonio Truscello

1900 - 1983
Antonio was born in Novara (Messina), Sicily, and immigrated to the United States via Boston, where he first worked as a barber. In 1945, he opened a dinner theatre, The Broadway Club, in Saugus, Mass. He moved to Florida in 1955 and opened an Italian grocery store, which would eventually develop into Truscello Foods, an Italian food distributor run by his two sons, and two grandsons. Truscellos Foods is one of the largest distributors of fine Italian foods in the southeast.

Vincenzo Vicario

1866 - 1922
Born in Aversa (Caserta), young Vincenzo worked as a baker until he, his wife Adelina and their two children arrived in America in 1893. They settled in Providence, Rhode Island and had 4 more children. Eventually he opened a baker y known as Vincenzo Vicario Importer and Wholesale. Today, the family business which has been carried on for 4 generations, is run by his grandson Vincent and great-grandson Frederick , and is well-known as Unita Packing, Inc.

Joseph Antognoli

1880 - 1927
Born in Cassano, Magnago, near Milano, Joseph Antognoli arrived in America in 1903, and worked as a plasterer. He and his wife Louise had five sons. In 1909, he started Joseph Antognoli & Co. in Chicago, where he imported Italian food products. After his death in 1927, Louise and 2 of their sons took over the business, which is now run by his grandson, Joseph Antognoli, Jr.


1903 - 1981
Giulio Sauro immigrated to the United States in 1922, from Boscochiesa-
nuova, (Verona), and settled in the Los Angeles area, working for an Italian food distribution company named Tama Trading. Over the years, Giulio became a partner, and his thriving company grew into the largest wholesale Italian food distributor in the w estern region.

Elio Di Benigno

1930 - 1989
A true enjoyer of life, Elio Di Benigno spent his entire life in Corvaro, (Pescara). He and his wife Onorina had five sons. Elio harvested olives and grain, as well as raised cattle. His son, Maurizio came to the United States and established International Gourmet Foods in Springfield, Va., serving Washington D.C.Ős finest food establishments.


1900 - 1985
Pietro LaTona was born in Bagheria, Sicily, where he worked as a produce buyer, until he immigrated to Garfield, N.J. with his wife Giuseppina in 1949. Together they had eight children. He worked as a United Dye Piece Worker until he retired in 1965. Today, his legacy is carried on in Carlstadt, N.J. by his son Jack, and his children, at LatonaŐs Food Importing, Corp.

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